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Full Article:
Here it is at last: THE SHREK CAST LIST!

We were overwhelmed by all the talent and the number of people who came to auditions - it made casting a real challenge. We wish we could cast everyone but alas, we canít. If you didnít get cast this time, pleaser try again - weíll have more great shows coming up soon! Please let us know if you accept or decline your role.

The first cast meeting will be February 1 at 6:30 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church located at 1015 Fifth Avenue in downtown Huntington. Please park and enter through the back doors.

Now to the list....

Shrek- Nick Wood
Fiona- Shannon Rawlison
Donkey- Elyse Samassekou
Lord Farquaad- George Kinley
Dragon- Marrisa Davis
Pinocchio- Emma Maynard
Gingy- Marin Brown
Young Fiona- Samantha Meek
Teen Fiona- Sammi Mansfield
Mama Ogre- Reagan Snyder
Papa Ogre- Cyle Booth
Little Shrek- Aiden Davis
King Harold- Hunter Mullens
Queen Lillian- Brynda Christopher
Mama Bear- Olivia Roberts
Papa Bear- Tyler Deal
Baby Bear- Tessa Maynard
Wicked Witch- Tabitha Jessup
Fairy Godmother- Annie Wolfe
Sugar Plum Fairy- Holly Price
Peter Pan- Felix Madsen
Ugly Duckling- Tessa Workman
Elf- Shawn Hodge
Big Bad Wolf- William Fisher
3 pigs- Truitt Bird, Karley Clarke, and Hannah Blake
3 Blind Mice- Ashley Miller, Emily Jarrell, and Allie Stevens
White Rabbit- Kylie Wright
Mad Hatter- Mary Margaret Clouse
Dwarf- Garrett Spelock
Humpty Dumpty- Cambrie Booth
Pied Piper- Lauren Wiley
Thelonius- Brandon Mansfield
Captain of Guard- Neil Loftus
Bishop- Patrick Clouse

Ensemble / fairytale characters / Guards / Dancers / Knights / villagers and more
(Note: specific and additional roles will be announced and cast throughout the rehearsal process, including several speaking and singing lines) :

Aaliyah Walls, America Walls, Bethany Booth, Zoe Davin, Abbi Lockard, Arabella White, Aaron Lawhorn, Addi Tollison, Elynni Prince, Christopher Norweck, Reagan McSweeney, Rilen Cabell, Aaron Vance, Rilee Flowers, Colin Loftus, Ben Adkins, Nadia Samassekou, Taylor Burnette, Elizabeth Felinton, Saylor Dickson, Nikki Riniti, Gracie Morgan, Halee Plybon, Layth Samassekou, Jymyre Waters, Blaise Schray, Griffyn Butler, Fia Bailey, Katie Williams, Annmarie Yost, Jillian Yost, Zoe Davin, Bethany Booth and Stacy Wooten
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